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So we're finishing our basement right now, and there are two areas on the basement that will not be finished, or in other words, will not be insulated. They are the cold storage pantry, which is just a small pantry under the porch cap, and my A/V closet, which is basically a long skinny room, about 2.5 foot by 15 foot, right behind my screen wall. The inspector said that for that A/V closet, either the exterior wall needs to be insulated, or the interior wall needs to be. Well because I'm tight on space back there, I chose to insulate the interior wall. But apparently we are also then required to use insulated doors on that A/V closet, and the cold storage pantry, since they are un-insulated areas. Ok, so my general contractor is installing doors downstairs this week. He has the two insulated doors to install, and they have weather thresholds on them, as any exterior door would. Now this is going to sound borderline too picky, but we're just not huge fans of the look of the threshold on the bottom of the door inside the house, giving it the look of an exterior door. Like it leads outside or something. I was wondering if there was a way we could do without the threshold, but instead attach a door sweep or some other weather stripping to the bottom of the door to create the seal to those areas instead. That way, the carpet could be installed to the underside of the door, and not have to step over the threshold whenever going in or out of those rooms. My contractor is installing the doors, so I would probably have to just instruct him to remove the threshold so I can install a strip later, as I could easily remove the door to install it myself. Not sure if the inspector is going to have a problem with this approach, I doubt it, but is this something I could do?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Azusa, CA), 01/21/2019

Labor costs can vary greatly from one region to the next. Best way to estimate the cost would be to get multiple estimates. You might be dealing with 2 contractors; carpenter and painter.

- JULIO MCKINNEY (Pico Rivera, CA), 03/03/2019

Yes the door sweeps are definitely a DIY. In fact I would be doing the whole basement myself if it weren't for the fact I've got 4 kids and no time. I did two bedrooms a while ago and they turned out pretty good. I did text my contractor and he has no problem taking the thresholds off (the doors are here but not hung yet) I will probably wait to install the sweeps till later, as I don't want to pay him to install them, but he will be removing the thresholds and hanging the doors right after and don't him to wait for me to install the sweeps. (That being said, if I have the sweeps on hand he probably wouldn't charge me anything to throw them on lol) He said basically all the inspector is really looking for is the seal around the door, so the threshold is not really an issue. But yeah maybe I will have him remove a small portion of the bottom of the jambs to adjust for the huge gap there will be. He'll probably be facepalming because he had to sawzall a portion out of the top of my rough opening on one of them because he ordered the door too tall lol. Thanks for the response!

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (Salem, OR), 02/07/2019

You won't like a door that has a sweep that drags on the carpet... but if you don't mind a gap under the door and the inspector doesn't mind the gap... but I would think this would be a fire issue more than anything and he won't want any gap at the threshold.

- JACOB GREENE (Rowlett, TX), 02/15/2019

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