Forum Title: Should this patio door threshold be caulked underneath?
In a heavy rain my girlfriend's carpet adjacent to the corner of the patio door frame gets wet; it's the darker area in the pic. There's a sizable gap between the frame and the decking, as you can see by the leaf that I slipped underneath the frame. At first I thought that might be for water to run out of the frame's drainage holes, but there aren't any; the moveable door's guide lips stop before the side frames so the water can run out there. Also, there's no visible slope on the board underneath the frame. Can someone tell if the frame is supposed to be caulked underneath?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: GUY REEVES (Richmond, VA), 01/17/2019

If that is a thermo pane , you can't replace that glass yourself. Your picture is not clear enough to see the details. Send more with clear close ups of the sides and corners.

- DEAN SANTOS (Roswell, NM), 02/10/2019

Thanks, Larry. Do you mean stopgap literally,which fits this situation, or until a better solution is implemented? If the latter, what would that be?

- MARK W (Portland, OR), 02/15/2019

What Larry is saying I believe, is that if the door was not set in a bed of sealant, it was not installed correctly... the only solution (that does not involve removing and reinstalling the door) is to caulk the interior edge... which is not the best solution if the sill is wood... since it would allow the entire bottom of the door to get and remain wet. But its about all you can do. Doors subject to blow back can also be installed on a pan flashing. If the exterior grade, such as a sidewalk or patio, is the same level as the interior surface, this problem is exaserbated. Grade outside a door always needs to be below the bottom of the rough opening. The other possibility is that water is entering the rough opening from the sides or top, and depending on what kind of siding you have, there may be other possible sources for the leak. If you remove the interior trim and the insulation on the sides of the door is wet, the leakage is occurring higher than you think.

- JEANETTE WADE (Lancaster, CA), 02/23/2019

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