Forum Title: Installing new glass in vintage window frame.
I want to install a single sheet of glass into this old window frame (salvaged from a house built in 1954). I was planning to remove what I thought were small strips of wood holding the original glass in the frame, but it appears that the strips are actually part of the window frame and that the frame pieces were assembled around the original glass. Anyone agree or disagree on this? And if this is the case does this mean that I'll need to take the frame apart to replace the glass or would it be better to remove (cut off) the moulded strips from one side of the frame and reattach them over the new piece of glass to secure it to the frame? For info, I am planning to use a single sheet of glass (the window is being used in a storage shed).
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SARAH GONZALEZ (Laredo, TX), 01/21/2019

Are these wood windows where the muntins are held in with little pins? Anyway. a search brought up Big Blue Window that sells custom un-assembled wood grilles (the common name since they don't really separate the glass panes like a muntin would). Creative Millworks is another. Not TOO expensive it seems. Did you do a search on your own?

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Mount Pleasant, SC), 02/27/2019

You could also cut one side off using a razor knife and a sharp chisel, then set the glass, and install stop molding. Or cut the outside as above, use glazing points and glazing compound to hold the glass and weatherproof it.

- TYRONE MCCARTHY (Brooklyn Park, MN), 02/23/2019

I think I'm going to try using stop moulding on one side. I don't really want to pull the frame apart because I don't want to risk breaking or splitting the wood. It's for a shed/workshop so it's not a big deal having stop moulding on one side that doesn't match the other side. Thanks to both of you for the input/advice, it's greatly appreciated.

- ANTHONY LEE (Peoria, AZ), 02/26/2019

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