Forum Title: Concrete under exterior door very wet and gets ice in winter
Hello, I have two exterior doors and both sit on concrete. The concrete seems to be wet quite a bite and during winter frost appears (mold appears as well). I've checked the inside and outside, and i've recaulked and spray foamed any openings. The pictures attached are of one door, i dont have pictures of the other door. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to why this is happening. Both doors do not have a storm door. thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JAIME RAMSEY (Warren, MI), 01/30/2019

Several factors are at play. The milkshoot is likely metal, and metal is a good conductor... so when it's cold outside, the metal will be cold. Secondly, the humidity in the house is high. The cold metal is acting like a dehumidifier, and is wringing the moisture out of the air. Lower humidity, if possible. Third, if there is any air leaking out the door of this thing, it's going to make the above problem even worse. Caulk gaps as needed. I'm surprised this is the first time you have experienced this.

- BARRY MONTGOMERY (Santa Clara, CA), 02/15/2019

I think its simply because the pad outside is cold and uninsulated while the concrete inside is warm. Dont know that there is much you can do about it unless you break up the concrete outside and place foam insulation on the outside of the foundation under the door to isolate interior and exterior temperatures. You should really have 1 minimum of drop at the edge of the pad... keeps water from blowing back under the door. A 1 piece of trim covers the gap and supports the sill nose.

- KELLY BELL (Midland, TX), 02/02/2019

Another possibility... if the door was not set into a bead of continuous sealant, a massive air leak would carry warm moist air out under the door where it would cause icing on the colder slab (that should be isolated with a thermal break from the pad inside) that is outside the door.

- PEGGY HENDERSON (Greensboro, NC), 02/08/2019

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